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Právo: Czech schoolboy shouting Allahu akbar with airsoft gun

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Prague, May 23 (CTK) – A Czech schoolboy, 15, broke into his classroom, shouting Allahu akbar, he aimed an airsoft gun at a horrified teacher and then turned the barrel up to the ceiling and pushed the trigger at a secondary school in west Bohemia last autumn, daily Pravo writes yesterday.

Although this was just a practical joke, the boy was tried, Pravo writes.

“He committed the criminal acts of breach of the peace and dangerous threats,” judge Iveta Zitkova told the paper.

However, she eventually did not punish the teenager. “The trial itself is a sufficient lesson for him. I also took into account that the boy was punished by the school with suspended expulsion,” Zitkova said.

In autumn 2016, the boy asked the teacher during the lessons to go to the WC. He put an airsoft gun under his sweatshirt and returned in three minutes, Pravo writes.

He rushed into the classroom, shouting Allahu akbar. He aimed the airsoft gun at the teacher sitting at the table and then turned the barrel up. The trigger click could be clearly heard.

“Only a schoolmate knew beforehand about the planned prank. He lent him the fake gun,” Zitkova said.

“It was a true copy of the real gun. A layman cannot distinguish the difference,” she added.

“The teacher started shivering, did not sleep for a week and had to be treated by a psychotherapist,” Zitkova said.

She never resumed her teaching and gave a notice this February, she added.

The youth himself told the court this was “just fun,” Pravo writes.

A court expert from the sphere of psychiatry said the boy was unable of empathy and did not care whether he could harm anyone by his conduct, it adds.

This is why she recommended that he should be watched by a psychotherapist.

“He had educational problem at the elementary school already. His parents play down his behaviour. He lacks discipline and order,” Zitkova said.


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