Prague, Nov 23 (CTK) – The Czech Military Police plan to hire more detectives and especially protection service members, also due to the worsened security situation, its chief Pavel Kriz told CTK yesterday.
“This has been amplified by the recent events in France or Belgium, but also by the intelligence reports,” Kriz said.
The military police have about 1050 soldiers and 60 civilian employees now. They are to hire 59 more soldiers by 2018.
The training of the new members of the protection service will last several years, Kriz said.
Half of the candidates for military police officers do not pass the psychological tests. This is a problem, but people who fail the test cannot be hired, he said.
The new detectives will focus on financial crime.
A large number of the candidates are members of other military units, mainly ground forces.
Kriz said the military police have taken measures to avoid certain risks and be ready for others.
With regard to the world developments, model situations are trained and the military police undergo various exercises, the protection of some locations has been reinforced and some procedures have been changed, Kriz said.
The military police are also upgrading their equipment as technology plays an important role in the protection of locations and persons, Kriz said.
The complicated acquisition process has been simplified in the new security situation, he said.
The military police are responsible for the acts of the armed forces, the protection of military facilities and military materiel. They can also intervene during military exercises and where “a protected person,” such as the defence minister, move.