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PM keeps doubts about police inspection’s work

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Prague, Oct 23 (CTK) – Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka keeps his doubts about the work of the General Inspection of Security Forces (GIBS), but he wants to wait for the results of the investigation into the “Olomouc case” first, he said after a meeting with GIBS head Ivan Bilek Friday.
Two police officers are among the four people who have been accused in a corruption case in Olomouc, north Moravia. The GIBS has not participated in the investigation.
Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) said he was interested in the reasons for the GIBS’ inactivity in the investigation into cronyism structures in the police forces in the Olomouc Region.
“Friday’s conversation with the GIBS director has not dissipated my doubts about the inspection’s functioning. Now we must wait for how the law enforcement bodies will assess the GIBS possible responsibility,” Sobotka added.
He said he would also like to study Bilek’s written answers to his questions about the Olomouc case.
The GIBS was mentioned in connection with the “Vidkun” operation of the police organised crime squad (UOOZ), in which four people from the Olomouc Region were accused of corruption and abuse of power last week. Many have voiced surprise at the Olomouc case being investigated by the UOOZ instead of the GIBS.
The GIBS’s task is to search for and investigate crime committed by police and customs officers, prison guards and GIBS inspectors themselves.
The accused are the Olomouc Region Governor Jiri Rozboril (CSSD), Olomouc regional police deputy head Karel Kadlec, financial crime squad head Radek Petruj and influential businessman Ivan Kysely who is a friend of former interior minister Ivan Lager (Civic Democrats, ODS).
The police officers are suspected of influencing the investigation into some penal cases and information leaks from criminal files.
Sobotka pointed out previously that the GIBS had been established to investigate the crimes committed by policemen.
However, the Olomouc case is being investigated by the UOOZ.
The GIBS Olomouc branch investigated suspicious links between Kadlec and Kysely on the basis of an anonymous tip three years ago. The inspection looked into whether they could have influenced the investigation into some cases, but it shelved the case eventually.
Bilek has headed the GIBS since its establishment in 2012.
His appointment was criticised by the then government Public Affairs (VV) party that pointed to his links to the ODS and Langer.
The media have speculated about Bilek’s dismissal over the Olomouc corruption case.
Under law, the BIS director can be dismissed by the prime minister on the government’s proposal and after the issue is debated in the Chamber of Deputies security committee.
The GIBS is supervised by a standing parliamentary commission. At a seminar in the Senate on October 7, some legislators agreed with Bilek that the GIBS was not sufficiently controlled. They proposed an amendment to the respective law that would order a permanent commission of experts to control the GIBS.

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