Prague, March 29 (CTK) – Most people in the Czech Republic (61 percent) do not want the country to accept refugees at all, 31 percent would let them stay in the country until they can return to their homeland, and only 3 percent would let the refugees settle in the country, according to a CVVM poll released yesterday.
In January, the number of those who were resolutely against refugees from war-stricken regions settling in the country was even higher (65 percent).
But the pollsters said it is too early to say whether the decreasing opposition to at least temporary acceptance of refugees is a trend that can last for some time.
In Poland, people are not so opposed to accepting refugees from countries hit by war, although a majority of them (53 percent) is against it, CVVM says.
“The Czech public expects the foreigners to adapt to the Czech cultural habits as much as possible and it has long been considering them a security threat,” the pollsters say.
The vast majority of Czechs (82 percent) considers refugees a security threat to the country. Even more people share the view that refugees are a threat to Europe (92 percent).
Most people see the Islamic State militant group as a threat to the country (80 percent), Europe (90 percent) and peace in the world (88 percent).
More than three out of four people (78 percent) said they were following the current developments related to refugees. None of other European or global affairs of the past ten years received so much attention in the Czech Republic, the pollsters say.
Forty percent said the Czech Republic should accept people from Ukraine who decided to flee the armed conflict in their country. Sixteen percent said the country should accept refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, while 78 percent held the opposite view.
The pollsters said Polish society was less opposed to accepting refugees, with 61 percent of Poles being ready to accept refugees from Ukraine. Thirty percent of Poles would accept refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.