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Legislative council approves air protection bill

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Prague, Oct 29 (CTK) – The Czech Government Legislative Council yesterday approved the bill on air protection, which would give the authorities the right to check what people use for heating, Jiri Soucek, from the office of Minister Jiri Dienstbier who heads the council, has told CTK.
The Environment Ministry would like the amendment to the law on air protection to take effect as of January 2017.
In the case of a suspected illegal burning of waste or something that would pollute the air, the authorities may come to check the situation and impose a fine on the person if the suspicion is confirmed.
The bill also reacts to the negotiations between Germany and the Czech Republic about the mutual recognition of the systems of low-emission zones.
The bill allows for the use of German emission plaques in Czech low-emission zones. Germany has already approved the use of the Czech plaque in its low-emission zones.
In cooperation with the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, the Environment Ministry updated the rules for the declaration of smog situations and regulations so that the warnings are not made belatedly.

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