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Vaccinated Czech citizens will be recorded in a unified register

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The Czech Ministry of Health will launch a unified register detailing the names of those residents who received the vaccine against COVID-19 according to

“The unified register will start working in the coming days. Vaccination confirmation will be issued in printed and electronic forms, which will simplify traveling abroad, ” the representative of the Faculty Hospital in Brno, Veronika Placha told Právo.

At the moment, hospitals are keeping records of the vaccinated citizens to later pass them to the registry. On Saturday, Prague’s Motol Hospital received 9,750 doses of Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine. They were distributed between the hospitals in Brno and Prague.

The European Commission has been long working on a joint vaccination travel card -for as long as two years. However, while there were talks of COVID-19 passports, it is not yet clear whether they will be required to travel.

“If I go abroad with a card that says: I have been vaccinated, then I can go anywhere and I do not have to prove that I have been tested or that I will be allowed to go without a mask. That is a great motivation in my opinion, “said the former Minister of Health, Roman Prymula, reports.

The current Minister of Health stated that vaccination and vaccination passports will surely not be required in the Czech Republic. Yet, they will make travel easier for those who don’t wish to self-isolate or get tested.

“It’s just the way the European Union is trying to help those who travel. It is certainly easier to go out with a card in your pocket than to have an examination performed before each border crossing, ” Jan Blatný said.

The vaccination program rolled out with the first person vaccinated being the Prime Minister, Andrej Babiš. He received the Pfizer-BioNTech shot at the Central Military Hospital in Prague. According to the Czech national vaccination plan, the vaccines are first available for healthcare workers, the elderly, and patients with diseases that put them at high risk. The teachers might also be in the first wave of those vaccinated.

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