Are you tired of the chaotic and busy city life? We got a solution for you: visit the raw food festival, which enlightens the notion of vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Enjoy the festival of raw food, inspiring lectures, and workshops. Live (raw) food concept The idea of the festival is marvelous: various restaurants, both vegetarian and vegan, present their best dishes to the community. By doing this, people can find their soulmates, get together, and have a marvelous time. On top of that, some cafés will hold lectures on specific topics, which would benefit all of the guests in one way or another!  Let’s discover what venues have to offer this year. The entire program is here! Get lost inContinue Reading

As the heat approaches Prague during the weekend, everyone wants to escape the city and have a relaxed weekend. We found an outstanding solution to how to vanish from the heat and enjoy life again-swing by Podolské letní slavnosti, a festival for drinks and street food. Chilling cocktails and delicious burgers are waiting for you!  Podolské letní slavnosti: overview of the program  Since the fest is taking place for three days (from Friday to Sunday), the organizers prepared a colorful program which you can enjoy with a glass of prosecco, for example. On Friday, the grand opening will be at 15.00. After that, you can listen to pop, jazz, soft rock, soul, and R & B sounds from Elton & Friends.Continue Reading

Do you like the French market that consists of great culture, food, and spirit as much as we do? Then, you are on the right page! Try the best delicates and unique dishes of French cuisine without leaving the metropolis. Enjoy the adventure of gastronomy & degustation!  French Market: the concept Kampa’s French market is held annually in the spirit of a friendly, greedy, joyful, relaxing, colorful, shady, and multilingual environment. Every summer for the past 14 years, the market has set up stands, tables, chairs, platforms, parasols, and deck chairs… and it is likely Prague’s oldest food festival.  The event will take place for six days, as usual, between July 13 and July 18, 2021. See you there forContinue Reading

Křižíkova světelná fontána is one of the venues which will keep you cold during the heatwave in Prague. The fountain is back at the entire operation on the birth anniversary of its creator- František Křižík. Discover where you can visit it and what you can expect from the event!  Historical background  The first work began in October 1890. It included creating service areas beneath the pools’ bottoms and a 150-meter-long corridor to the adjoining engine room, which housed, among other things, the pump. To a certain interest, the construction of the above-ground section started in February of the following year and finished three months later.  The fountain, designed by the famous Czech electrical engineer František Křižík (1847-1941), lit for theContinue Reading

The Cider Festival is one of the events that will keep you cold during the warm weather in the Czech Republic. It is a perfect place to spend time with your friends, go on a date, or meet co-workers after the shift. Let’s dive into what organizers have to offer this year.  Save the date! In 2021, the Cider Fest will take place on the 10th of July from 10.00 to 20.00 on the Smíchovská Náplavka, a beautiful and modern embankment.  As you might guess the location, the fest is situated near the tram and metro station Smíchov, and it will take you approximately five to eight minutes to get there on foot. It is free for everyone – no entryContinue Reading

Are you craving authentic tacos, craft burgers, or maybe some mouthful burritos? We got your back, no worries! Check out the food truck festival happening this weekend! What is the Food Truck festival? The Food Truck Festival is a beautiful opportunity for everyone to spend a warm summer evening with friends or acquaintances while sampling Mexican cuisine. You can taste such dishes as tacos, quesadillas, burgers, and other authentic examples during the festival. As for drinks, a great variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be available. Where & when?  Výstaviště Praha is the official organizer of the event, and it is the place where it will be held during the weekend! The event will be held in an open-airContinue Reading

Scott.Weber Workspace’s newly opened Praga Office & Garden workspaces offer businesses and independent professionals a versatile working atmosphere. The building, which is located in the heart of Karlín, represents the district’s industrial heritage and the genius loci of the former Praga car assembly plant, which was previously housed here. The automotive industry’s influence can also be seen in the overall office layout solution, right down to the tiniest furniture specifics.  The building atmosphere Praga Office & Garden is a historically significant building with a distinctive architectural style. Its architecture is based on the district’s former industrial character. Concrete, metal, stone, painted steel, brass details, cognac leather, and terrazzo are only a few of the materials used. The architecture and interiorContinue Reading

Once again, the famous beer garden will open its doors to sports fans. The organizers are preparing a secure spectator arena with a giant screen, a grandstand, and a reservation system. This year’s first major sporting event will be the World Hockey Championship, which begins on May 21. Championship details The dates for the IIHF World Championship are already predetermined: from the 21st of May to the 6th of June. In 2021, due to the political events in Minsk, Belarus, the host country will be only one – Latvia. This was decided by the IIHF management.  In previous years, both countries were co-hosting partners.  The grand opening of the championship begins with the matches between Russia and the Czech Republic,Continue Reading