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Remember a real crowd experience? Riegrovy Sady prepares for the World Hockey Championship

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Once again, the famous beer garden will open its doors to sports fans. The organizers are preparing a secure spectator arena with a giant screen, a grandstand, and a reservation system. This year’s first major sporting event will be the World Hockey Championship, which begins on May 21.

Championship details

The dates for the IIHF World Championship are already predetermined: from the 21st of May to the 6th of June. In 2021, due to the political events in Minsk, Belarus, the host country will be only one – Latvia. This was decided by the IIHF management.  In previous years, both countries were co-hosting partners. 

Remember a real crowd experience? Riegrovy Sady prepares for the World Hockey Championship image 31

The grand opening of the championship begins with the matches between Russia and the Czech Republic, Germany and Italy, Belarus and Slovakia, Canada and Latvia on the 21st of May. “The very first match of the Czech national team with Russia will probably be full of emotions. Fans mention a resemblance to the legendary game against the Soviet Union in 1969, “says Petr Šimek, the Park Riegrovy sady complex manager.

Screen & location features 

Located in the heart of Prague 2 district, Riegrovy Sady has had hundreds of broadcast matches of the Czech national team. The dominant feature of the arena will be a giant screen measuring 5×3 meters. In case of great interest, the tribune is ready. The garden tarpaulin will protect visitors from bad weather. You can enjoy the refreshments at the service windows.

For the safety and comfort of the spectators, the organizers have prepared a reservation system in which fans can secure their place at the table for a symbolic fee. The garden has experienced an influx of thousands of spectators in the past, which will be different this year.

Remember a real crowd experience? Riegrovy Sady prepares for the World Hockey Championship image 32

The Ministry of Health has allowed regular mass events of up to 300 people from May 25. Suppose the epidemiological situation regarding the covid-19 infectious disease continues to be favorable from June 8. In that case, the capacity will increase to 500 people, and from June 22, there could be up to a thousand guests.

“The protection of visitors and adherence to all regulations are our top priorities. The goal is to enable guests a life experience of watching sports competitions, even with the whole family. Although the capacity of the area will be reduced many times over, it doesn’t matter. We want to handle everything mainly with high quality and so that no queues are formed anywhere, and everyone can see the match well, “adds the manager.


The pre-sale will begin on the TicketLIVE portal in the coming days,  around May 17th. The cost of the tickets, as well as the availability, is not possible right now. After the hockey championship, sports broadcasts in the park will continue with Euro football and other international and domestic events.

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