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Rediscover Křižíkova světelná fontána

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Table of Contents

Křižíkova světelná fontána is one of the venues which will keep you cold during the heatwave in Prague. The fountain is back at the entire operation on the birth anniversary of its creator- František Křižík. Discover where you can visit it and what you can expect from the event! 

Historical background 

The first work began in October 1890. It included creating service areas beneath the pools’ bottoms and a 150-meter-long corridor to the adjoining engine room, which housed, among other things, the pump. To a certain interest, the construction of the above-ground section started in February of the following year and finished three months later. 

The fountain, designed by the famous Czech electrical engineer František Křižík (1847-1941), lit for the first time on 24 May 1891 on the occasion of the Jubilee Exhibition.

GALERIE: František Křižík: Vynálezce slavné obloukové lampy neměl při  studiích co jíst. Žil skoro 100 let | FOTO 29 |

In fact, the current appearance is the result of a 1991 reconstruction. A total of 1,300 different lights are creating the spectacular light show. One of the most magnificent sites of the Výstaviště Holešovice is still one of the capital city’s most appealing attractions.

Křižíkova světelná fontána design

The engineer made lower and upper pools’ bottoms made of thick glass, with movable arches and parabolic reflectors of aluminum sheet highlighting the streams of water gushing from the nozzles. Six lamps illuminated the six splashes in the lower pool, while Křižík positioned 16 lights and 14 nozzles in two concentric circles around a center nozzle. The three waterfalls, which flowed from the upper pool to the lower pool, had their lights. 

Water splashed up to tens of meters high, and the glow of the light sources could be seen from the Old Town. Different colored glass was also used to color the water, placed above the arches, and replaced at regular intervals by the operator. All of the lighting equipment was made in Křižík’s Prague factory’s workshops. 

The Magical Fountain Show

The Magical Fountain is an evening open-air entertainment held at the Křižíkova světelná fontána stunning setting. This one-hour drama is partially based on the life and vision of František Křižík, a prominent Czech inventor. 

Luckily, there is no linguistic barrier. Indeed, there are no words or lyrics in the entire performance based on new-circus principles.

Křižíkova světelná fontána ožívá velkolepým příběhem jejího tvůrce

Furthermore, with spectacular performances by light dancers and fire acrobats, this is an essential blend of fire and water. On the anniversary of his birth, July 8, 2021, see František Křižík Dream for the first time. The Magical Fountain assists the Fountain in returning to cultural life and activities, intending to become internationally famous.

Admissions to Křižíkova světelná fontána

The Magical Fountain is a show for all ages. However, due to the effects and duration of the presentation, it is not recommended for children under the age of three. Visitors under 15 will be permitted entry if accompanied by a legal representative who has purchased a separate valid ticket. 

The theater in the Křižík Fountain complex is barrier-free. Unfortunately, there are no toilets or social amenities for disabled people at this time. Note that there are flashing light effects in the show.

Finally, this show is happening in a beautiful open-air venue. The roof covers most of the seats in case of rain. The show will occur under any weather conditions. Tickets start from 1150Kč for adults and 850Kč for children.

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