The General Inspectorate of Security Forces (GIBS) detained a police officer in Prague who sold cocaine and meth as a side-job. The police officer was purchasing drugs for personal use and for sale to his acquaintances. He now faces up to five years in prison. His supplier, as it turned out, had an accomplice in Spain and a courier who transferred drugs to the Czech Republic. “GIBS inspectors subsequently found out that its supplier, as the main organizer of this crime, obtained drugs through contacts operating in Spain, specifically through a Czech who resided in Spain. Another man then acted as a courier,” said Ivana Nguyenová, spokeswoman for the General Inspectorate of Security Forces, according to The man boughtContinue Reading

Those businesses which will be forced to stop operations once again following the COVID-19 restriction will receive compensations in full, 100% amount of the costs, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš stated. On Monday, the government discussed returning to the fourth level of danger according to PES. The results of the meeting will be announced shortly but, most likely, the proposal will be passed. If the suggestion of the Minister of Health, Jan Blatný, is accepted, then measures will be tightened. That will mean closing the restaurants and other services, which just got opened. The period of time left for the restaurants to operate is unclear. However, the minister promised to keep the shops open. “If the government decides to close someContinue Reading

A senior man from a village near Prostějov in the Olomouc region got tricked with an email scam promising a generous donation. Instead of the gift, he lost 27,000 CZK (1,025 EUR). According to the Tydenik Policie, the man received an email telling him that he received a gift worth $300,000. He then contacted the sender who turned out to be located in the United States. The sender informed him that he must first pay 1018 EUR to receive the transfer code for the gift. The man transferred the money but, predictably, the gift never arrived. The man then contacted the police and they opened a case for the suspicion of fraud. “Despite the fact that the police still warnContinue Reading

Czech search engine claims compensation from Google in the amount of 9.072 billion CZK for the losses Seznam had to suffer due to Google’s limits to fair competition. According to Seznam’s statement, they encountered losses following Google’s abuse of their influence on the search engines and the operating systems market. Earlier in October, DuckDuckGo (U.S.), Ecosia (Germany), Lilo and Qwant (France), and Seznam (Czech Republic) petitioned to European Commission with a request to re-evaluate governing Google’s search market advantages. The goal of the re-evaluation would be to ensure the competitiveness of the European search engines market. The request suggested a trilateral meeting with the European Commission’s executive VP Margrethe Vestager and Google representatives. The initial offer of the competitorsContinue Reading

On Wednesday, as many as 23 restaurants, cafés, and similar food facilities declared they’ll remain open until 10 pm in protest against the COVID-19 measures imposed on small businesses. The protest came following the change in regulations ordering the restaurants (and other food entities) to close at 8 pm from Wednesday. According to restaurant owners, they are protesting this move because they are being punished for the government’s inability to meet their epidemiological goals. At the same time, they believe that restaurants were not open for enough time to somehow negatively influence the situation. “The government has thrown pubs, bars, culture, and services overboard. The Czech Republic is not a dictatorship! From now on, we will defend our rights,” saidContinue Reading

An independent platform MDW named the gross salary that can be considered minimum decent wage – in Prague, it was at the value of 37 987 CZK, in the rest of the Czech Republic – at 32, 438 CZK. Such results were obtained by the researchers for the year 2020 – since 2019, these values rose by 3,1%. The minimum decent wage is defined by MDW as compensation for a standard 8-hour workday, which allows the employees to have basic yet decent finances for themselves and their household. With such a wage, people should expect to have enough money for food, transport, education, healthcare, clothes, leisure, and savings. Care for one dependent person (child/elderly/sick) was also included in the calculations.Continue Reading

Less than a week after the easing of COVID-19 related measures, the government decides to re-evaluate some of them, once again. While the general tightening of the restrictions is not expected, the government did enforce new rules on restaurants and similar entities. Despite the fact that the Czech Republic remains on the third level of PES, which allows restaurants, cafes, and other services to function normally until 10 pm, the government decided to shorten their serving time by two hours. According to the minister of Health, both customers and business owners are constantly violating the measures. “It’s even about setting up the so-called heated tents by the windows. There are crowded bars, food and alcohol consumption in public and atContinue Reading

It seems like the shops might close without getting to enjoy serving customers. If on Tuesday the PES level remains above the value of 60, the Czech Republic will come back to the fourth (red) level of danger according to PES, which will mean the return of the night curfew and closure of the restaurants, shops and other services. The PES level remained at 57 (third, orange level of danger) for 13 days, but from Saturday, it rose above 60, corresponding to the fourth degree. As of Monday, the Czech Republic is at the PES value of 64 – in the red zone, according to the Ministry of Health. Since the government has the right to tighten the measures underContinue Reading